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Terms & Conditions

This Agreement governs your use of "The geo coin: Wallet" and any services provided by "The geo coin: Wallet" through any source.

  1. "The geo coin: Wallet" was designed to store a small amount of geo coins. By registering for an account you agree to not hold "The geo coin: Wallet" responsible for any funds lost due to bugs, network delays, or third party malicious behavior.
  2. All day every day trolls are trying to get your coins.
  3. The registrant agrees to report and not abuse any bugs found on the "The geo coin: Wallet".
  4. The registrant agrees to not send auto payouts from pool software directly to "The geo coin: Wallet".
  5. "The geo coin: Wallet" reserves the right to suspend your account at anytime blocking withdrawals of existing coins.
  6. The support team will never ask you for your password, in the event you give someone pretending to be support access to your account, "The geo coin: Wallet" will not be held responsible.
  7. The user/registrant may not hold "The geo coin: Wallet" or "The geo coin: Wallet" personnel responsible for the loss of private information or currency stolen by malicious users